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Old Army Jungle HammockOld Army Jungle Hammock - Old army jungle hammocks were first used in tropical conflicts during World War II. Details of old army jungle hammocks including a G.I. vintage jungle hammock and a GI style jungle hammock plus links to where they can be bought.

Pictures and product details of a range of Vietnam jungle hammocks like the Olive Drab jungle hammock and a Vietnam style jungle hammock. Plus links to where they can be purchased.

Vietnam Jungle Hammock

In the Pacific Theater of World War II American soldiers encountered jungle conditions in many of the battle zones. The hammocks were routinely used to shelter and protect the injured and seriously ill and by regular troops during monsoon conditions or as a relief from sleeping in the open.

The basic design of the jungle hammock was very successful in World War II, although saw limited use since only certain units ever had them issued. Still, in the Vietnam era an upated version was fielded, basically the same but with new nylon material. The M-1965 used in Vietnam is still the current military version of the jungle hammock.

Vietnam Jungle Genuine US Government Issue Hammock

US geniune Government Issue Vietnam jungle G.I. hammock. Brand new never dated 1968. Designed to roll compactly for easy carry, these olive drab nylon Vietnam jungle hammocks are great for backyard or campsite. Complete with plenty of sturdy nylon line and sewn web reinforcement. Hammocks measure 34" wide x 84" long. Genuine G.I. and extremely hard to find. Great for collectors or for camping.

Vietnam Jungle Hammock. (Click to enlarge)

Vietnam Jungle Hammock
Price: $29.95

U.S. Mil. Vietnam-era Jungle Hammock

Are you a member of that Tree Sitters Organization? Which branch? R and R is easy when you rest your bones in this brand new Vietnam jungle hammock. It was designed to visit that hell hole called Vietnam, but never made it across the pond.

Vietnam Jungle Hammock

  • Heavy-duty nylon material
  • Comes with ropes and loops on ends
    for securing to a pair of trees
  • Measures approx. 33 x 96" long
  • Weighs 1 1/2 lbs.

  • All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at February 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

    The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

    IMS-PLUS - The Vietnam style jungle hammock featured on the 'Vietnam jungle hammock' page can be bought here.

    Army Surplus Warehouse - The Vietnam jungle genuine US Government Issue hammock featured on this page can be found at this website.

    Vietnam Style Jungle Hammock

    Vietnam style hammock/tent with water repellent nylon top, cotton canvas bottom, full length zipper, nylon netting sides and hanging ropes with steel securing rings. Measures 84"x 26"x 18". Available in either solid Olive Drab or Woodland Camouflage.

    Vietnam Style Jungle Hammock.

    Vietnam Jungle Hammock
    Price: $36.95

    Olive Drab Jungle Hammock

  • GI Style
  • 78" x 30" x 20" elevated shelter
  • mesh netting w/ taffeta nylon
  • coated roof & heavy cotton canvas floor
  • attached ropes & clews
  • Jungle Hammock - Olive Drab (Click to enlarge)

    Vietnam Jungle Hammock
    Price: $34.95

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