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Hammock InstructionsHammock Instructions - There are many types of hammock instructions from hammock safety and cleaning hammock instructions through to instructions on getting in & out of a hammock. Access to pages on how to weave a hammock, how to hang a hammock indoors and how to make a macrame hammock.

It is possible to weave your own rope hammock using inexpensive materials and simple weaving techniques. Brief instructions and advice on how to weave a hammock including tips on what rope to use, weaving shuttles, making a harness and spreader bars.

How to Weave a Hammock

The very first hammocks came from the Mayan civilization and were hand woven in the Mayan culture, to weave hammocks is a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation and both women and men know how to make them. Although nowadays there are many types of hammock available, woven hammocks are still popular and it is possible to make your own. Below are some brief instructions on how to weave a hammock. If you follow these basic steps you will soon be relaxing in your very own hand woven hammock!

With the right materials it is possible to weave your own hammock.(Click to enlarge)

Buy your rope - How to weave a hammock
First you need to buy the rope you will use, polypropylene rope is a popular choice as it's strong and resists moisture and mildew, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding this in most hardware stores. To make a one person hammock you will need around 2 pounds of cord.

Wind rope on to a weaving shuttle - How to weave a hammock
You can make your own weaving shuttle fairly easily out of wood or you can buy a wooden , plastic or even metal weaving shuttle to use. You should be able to pick one up from your local arts and crafts shop.

Wooden weaving shuttle.

Weave the hammock bed - How to weave a hammock
The hammock can be started in the middle or at the end it depends on which you are most comfortable with. It's the same with the shuttle, some people are happier using one while others will use two weaving shuttles. N.B. Using a weaving jig to help evenly space out the weave will create a professional look to your hammock

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Hammock Jungle - This page has information about the different types of rope that can be used for hammock weaving.

Ropes And Twines - This company sell a wide range of rope and twine suitable for hammock weaving.

Finish off the hammock edges - How to weave a hammock
A crochet stitch piece can be used to finish off and strengthen the hammock edge. This adds stability to the hammock and gives it a tidy edge.

Make your harness - How to weave a hammock
The harness can be made from the same kind of rope (a contrasting colour from the hammock bed creates a more interesting look) using macrame techniques.

You can make your harness using macrame techniques.

Spreader Bars - How to weave a hammock
Then thread your harness into drilled spreader bars. These are positioned at either end of the hammock and make the hammock more stable and rigid. Choose a strong wood for these such as oak and it is a good idea to treat them if you intend to leave your hammock outside.

Spreader bars provide stability and rigidity to the hammock.(Click to enlarge)

Tie harness to hammock - How to weave a hammock
Lastly you need to tie the completed harnesses and spreader bars to the hammock bed. Bowline knots can be used to complete this process. You are now ready to hang your completed hammock.

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