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Hammock InstructionsHammock Instructions - There are many types of hammock instructions from hammock safety and cleaning hammock instructions through to instructions on getting in & out of a hammock. Access to pages on how to weave a hammock, how to hang a hammock indoors and how to make a macrame hammock.

Instructions on how to make fabric hammocks simply and cheaply. Including how to make a curtain hammock and how to make a folded hammock. Plus links to more instructions on how to make fabric hammocks.

How to Make Fabric Hammocks

Curtain Hammock
A quick and easy way to make a fabric hammock is to buy a set of curtains that have the tab top. Some curtains have a rod pocket where you place the curtain rod to hang the curtains. Others are made with tabs along the top, with spaces in between, to slide onto the rod. The tab top curtains are perfect for this how to make fabric hammocks project. It is better to try and find curtains in fabrics that are not sheer and do not have the rubber backing.

Tab Top Curtains are ideal for making your own hammock.

How to Make Fabric Hammocks

Position the curtain panels to where one is on top of the other, with the tabs hanging at opposite ends. Make sure the curtains are placed back-to-back. Pin the curtains together. Stitch around the perimeter of the curtain set making sure the tabs remain dangling from the two ends. All you then need to do is thread your hammock rope through the tab tops at each end and hang from tree or place on hammock stand.

Hammocks can be made quite easily and cheaply.

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Unique Projects - This site has detailed instructions of how to make fabric hammocks.

Mother Earth News - More detailed instructions of how to make the folded hammock featured on the 'how to make fabric hammocks' page can be found here.

Folded Hammock
This is a very simple and cost effective way to make a hammock and the only materials you will to make this 'how to make fabric hammocks' folded hammock are a regular-size blanket and around 24 feet of rope. The exact length of rope required will, of course, depend on the distance between the points from which you're going to hang the hammock.

Constructing a folded hammock.

How to Make Fabric Hammocks

Once you've decided on where you want to hang your hammock, you need to double your rope end to end and tie it in place so that the twin cables droop in a gentle curve. Now fold a short side of the blanket over one of the ropes so that a little more than a fourth-but less than a third-of the blanket is hanging between the ropes (see photo above).

Pull the rest of the blanket under both ropes and fold the other side over the second rope, toward the centre. The two ends of the blanket should overlap each other by at least several inches. When you have done this your 'how to make fabric hammocks' homemade hammock is finished. Although the hammock may not look very sturdy when you lie in the hammock, your own weight on top of the blanket's overlapped ends keeps the whole thing from slipping apart and dumping you on the ground.

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