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Hammock Chair HardwareHammock Chair Hardware - Hammock chair hardware product details including an all purpose chair suspension kit, hammock chair universal attachment kit and galvanized steel chair hammock kit. Plus links to where these hammock chair hardware products can be purchased.

Hammock building kit product details including a hammock making kit, hammock stand steel joints and a hammock kit which includes instructions that show you how to weave your own hammock. Plus links to where these hammock building kits can be bought.

Hammock Building Kit

Hammock Stand Steel Joints

These patented joints are the secret to building your own custom-wood hammock stand. These heavy duty joints made of 3/16" steel are pre-drilled and come with assembly instructions. Assembly time is 2 to 4 hours. Purchase the materials, bolts and 4X4's locally and use these joints to build a sturdy and geometrically correct stand. Build it yourself and save on the cost of buying a wooden hammock stand.

Hammock Stand Steel Joints.

Hammock Building Kit
Price: $99/pair

Hammock Making Kit

This Hammock kit is ideal for the do-it-yourself person who loves to make their own creations and enjoy them or give them as gifts. The kit comes with clear, easy step-by-step instructions to help you make your very own extra-large hammock: 82L" x 60W", 13' overall length.

Hammock Making Kit.

Hammock Building Kit
Price: $99.95

Each kit includes instructions, two sturdy metal rings, and 5 lbs of braided acrylic cord. The wooden spreader bars are not included in the kit, but instructions for buying the wood and making them are included.

Hammock and StandsHammock and Stands - Hammock and stands kits such as the Mazatlan Mayan hammock w/stand kit and the Brazilian hammock w/fringe & DIY hammock stand kit allow you to hang your hammock wherever you want. Also, links to where these hammock and stands can be bought.

All prices quoted on the 'hammock building kit' page are indicative US prices at February 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Hangouts - The hammock stand steel joints featured on this page can be bought from this site. www.hangouts.com

Camilla Valley Farm - The hammock kit complete with instruction booklet featured on the 'hammock building kit' page can be purchased here. www.camillavalleyfarm.com

Hammock Kit

This hammock kit includes suitable rope for making a hammock and an instruction booklet that explains how to weave your own hammock. In addition to providing a way to save money, the kit allows you to create a hammock suitable for your own requirements as it allows you to customize the wood spreaders.

Hammock Kit. (Click to enlarge)

Hammock Building Kit
Price: $75.50

The kit comes complete with enough rope and two steel rings for each end. The instruction book titled How to Make Your Own Hammock! has full instructions and pictures showing how to weave the hammock. It also provides dimensions for the wood spreaders (not included in kit) and a simple wood shuttle that need to be constructed to weave the hammock.

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