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HammockHammock - is an informative site about all types of hammocks, hammock UK, hammock stands, hammock types, camping hammocks, hammock instructions, hammock chair hardware and more.

A look at the qualities you should look for in camping hammocks, plus access to other camping hammocks pages; camouflage camping hammock, camping hiking hammock, jungle tent hammocks, camp hammock lightweight.

Camping Hammocks

One of the most desirable qualities of a camping hammock is that it is lightweight. When a camping trip is being planned, where the equipment has to be carried on the back, there is always a fine balance between taking what you need and what you can actually carry. Every item packed has to be as light as possible, obviously the lighter each individual item is the more equipment you can take, so the lighter the camping hammock is the better.

A similar worry when packing for a camping trip is that there will be enough space in your backpack. With space at a premium it is vital that your camping hammock is as compact as possible and will able to fit in along with all your other essential equipment. So modern camping hammocks usually come with a bag which the hammock can be tightly rolled and packed away into.

Most modern camping hammocks are very compact.

However lightweight and compact your camping hammock is it still has to be comfortable, durable and protect you from the elements. Modern camping hammocks are made from materials like polyurethane coated polyester ripstop or silicone impregnated nylon which are completely waterproof and will keep you dry from the rain. These materials also deflect the wind to provide you with a calm space inside.

Another important consideration for camping hammocks is that the hammock can be set up quickly and easily. After a long days hiking the last thing you want to do is spend lots of time putting together your hammock, especially if it is getting dark. So the majority of camping hammocks are designed so that they can be ready in a matter of minutes.

It's important your camping hammock will protect you from the elements. (Click to enlarge)

There are a number of design features that camping hammocks have which you will not find on your average hammock designed for relaxing in when in your garden or back yard. One such feature is netting to provide ventilation and keep insects outside the hammock. Another are pockets that can be used to store your keys, pocket knife, change, water bottles, and other small items safely.

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